{ The Changing World }


The changing worlds of business, marketing, consumers and employees have created a series of inflection points that have fundamentally altered the way people interact with and respond to brands
and companies.

The change demands a new way of thinking and a new approach to brand strategy.

Our view about what’s important in life
has changed.

This has given people a new way of judging the world, a new way of judging the activities of business, a new way of judging the corporation.

Increasingly, we are assessing them by ‘who they are’, ‘what they stand for’, and ‘what they do’ – not by what they ‘sell’.

However, the connection between the business world and the consumer world is increasingly frayed. 2/3rds of people said they no longer trusted big business* and more than 80% said the corporate world failed to reflect their values.

Consumer assessment has gone beyond product and performance dimensions to motives, beliefs, values and company philosophy.

The importance of a guiding company philosophy

The successful companies of the future will be philosophy, values and purpose led organisations. Success, esteem and enduring relationships emanate from a company being able to define and express its reason for being, its sense of purpose ….
What’s at its heart?

We believe everyone connected to the organisation, from board director to the mail room, should be able to answer the questions:

“Who are you? Why do you do what you do?”

We’ve found that when a company has a defined higher purpose or guiding philosophy, life gets a whole lot simpler. It also gets a driving force.

We believe ‘branding’ is about fulfilling a company’s potential and into the future the organisations that thrive will be those where ‘brand’ is resonant in every act of the organisation.

As such, we view brand strategy and culture creation as one, and believe the key to success lies in driving tight alignment between brand enlightenment (the guiding philosophy) brand enactment (staff behaviour) brand espousal (every external and internal communication) and brand experience (the consumers, society’s and the world’s view of the organisation).

Brand strategy in the new age is about giving the company and its people life and meaning. Consumers deserve and demand authenticity which means that who you are, what you say and what you do need to line up like never before. Companies need to be true to themselves, brands need to be remarkable, and customers need to know that what they are promised and what they experience lines up.

*Sweeney Research

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